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I'm and American ex-pat & gadget junkie getting my "new media" geek on in Sweden. This is my tumblelog. Find me elsewhere on the web at the links below:
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Fika, Irish-style. Enjoying a pot of tea at Collins Barracks.

Art Deco as shopping center. (at Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre)

So this pretty much NEVER happens. (at Malmö)

"Bron" star Sofia Helin in full "Saga Norén" regalia in Malmö’s Western Harbor neighborhood.

2014 “Buckeye” AKA Chestnut Haul (at Malmö)


Highly drinkable. Well-played, Zoegas, well-played. (at Malmö)

Halloween-themed treats from American colleagues (at Novotel Luxembourg Centre)

Not a bad way to start the day