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I'm and American ex-pat & gadget junkie getting my "new media" geek on in Sweden. This is my tumblelog. Find me elsewhere on the web at the links below:
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"Sun Tea" on the brew

The Anglophile in me LOVES this: One Woman, 17 British Accents

Surprising street performance!

Buzzing over Ribersborg beach

" spent a lot of time watching World Cup soccer the past couple of weeks … in most cases rooting against Germany. It’s a reflex action, really. I don’t know why … something left over from years of watching former East German athletes dominate the Olympics (often with the assistance of East German judges). maybe."

Not sure the translation really works. (at Ica Kvantum Malmborgs Caroli)

I’m not usually much of an animation geek, but this is pretty special.

Today’s sprout harvest

Surprisingly annoying after about 10 minutes (at Soldäcket, Västra Hamnen)

Höllviken sunset (at Vid Havet, Höllviken)